We initiate a new chapter of UNDERTOW today. We decided to name it «These Things Take Time» not only because we love The Smiths and we met Johnny Marr a few weeks ago but also because our lives led us to leave a lot of unfinished work along these first few months of our existence and we will now be releasing it with some delay but with all the love we have still poured into it.

Last year, long before Undertow was born, Mariana and I were photographing a Portuguese band and in early November we headed to Barreiro, where we met a friend on a two-day festival. Barreiro Rocks had an epic name already in the Portuguese music industry but we were quite unaware. On the second day, four lads took the stage and everything lighted up. Like a thunderstorm, the room shared an unique energy and pure rock n roll was heard throughout. Less than a year later they would return and this time we would have a chance to chat with them prior to the show. Here’s the lovely chat we had at Rodellus with The Cavemen, which are Jake, Jack, Nick and Paul (just to save you that cheeky Google search).

Let’s jump right in: you’ve been to Portugal a few times before… do you like it? How would you describe your experience with Portugal?

Paul: We love it! Lots of good people, lots of drinking, lots of partying. The best time was when we played on the beach some place with a bunch of dogs and children and it was like a spit roast pit, it was good!

I met you lads at Barreiro Rocks last year and your gig was the best of the weekend, lots of energy and pure rock and roll throughout.

Paul: It was fantastic, everybody was crazy wild!
Jack: I can’t remember any of it… which means it was good!

Do you listen to any Portuguese bands?
Paul: We love The Parkinsons! We toured with them, they’re our good friends. Victor Torpedo is like Jesus Christ.
Nick: Portuguese bands? The legendary Parkinsons and Tedio Boys and a bid shoutout to the Queers of Rock and Roll, they’re our fucking buddies
Jack: The Queers of Rock and Roll – best Portuguese band at the moment!

So you’re from New Zealand and now you all live in London. How does it all differ?
Jack: Total mental disintegration. The beer is so much warmer and the pie so much shittier.
*meanwhile Nick asks what the question is*
Jack: Differences to New Zealand to like England and shit.
Nick: Oh, it’s lovely and icy and frozen in England, you know. You get nice warm beer and you can’t find a corner to piss in – that’s the benefit. I like Super Bock and Sagres, that’s some super cold ass beer there! Super Bock is the best!

So we’re in Rodellus which is a music festival made in the middle of the field. What is your favourite aspect of it? For me is that I am surrounded by sunflowers which are my favourite flower, but what do you like the most about it?
Jack: Oh man, I hate it all. I wish we could paved it all like the pavement at a car park, the most beautiful thing of this place I saw was the car parked when we came in – that was beautiful!
Paul: I like the corn.
Nick: I can feel the trees and the plants and the air that I breathe and I don’t like that. They’re plotting against us!
Jack: There’s a reason we developed as a strategy to get war over on nature, fuck it!
Nick: Yeah, we’re at war with it!

What are your hopes for tonight?
Paul: We expect to get a lot of bottles thrown at us today and a lot of angry people.
Jack: It’s gonna be like in the Blues Brothers when they play ‘Country and Western’. Lots and lots of bottles thrown. I am having flashforwards of passing out in corners and vomiting. General shame, guilt and regret, I’d say I’m expecting tonight.
Nick: We’ve already behave badly today at this festival so we’re only gonna behave even worse still.

Any bands today you want to see in particular?
Nick: Ourselves really.
Jack: Just us. We want to get it done so we can get some serious drinking. Unless you revive Elvis Presley from his grave tonight, you personally rob his grave and make his giggle skeleton dance there’s nothing here that comes closer to what we’re going to do to this people. There’s nothing here to give a shit really besides us.

*Cheers for Jake who was trying to take a nap but stood there for moral support without murdering us, we love you mate!*

Photos: Mariana Silva
Text: Joana de Sousa


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